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Credit Card Fraud in Florida

Answers from a Port St. Lucie Criminal Defense Lawyer

Credit card fraud occurs when someone uses a credit they are not authorized to use to obtain money or property. Common conditions of credit card fraud usually include forged or stolen cards, or even simply presenting another person's card and alleging that you've been given permission to use it. Some of these fraud crimes are relatively minor and get classified as misdemeanors in court. However, in the state of Florida, there is a remarkably low ceiling of value before the act becomes punishable as a felony.

Attorney David Golden has been representing clients in criminal court for over 20 years, including in credit card fraud cases. He's made it our firm's mission to make sure that facts are soberly presented and that the rights of every one of our clients are passionately fought for, no matter what. Our firm is ready to do the same for your credit card fraud case. Call our dedicated Port St. Lucie criminal defense attorney now.

What kind of credit card fraud charges am I facing?

Credit card fraud is considered a "wobbler" offense that, depending on the circumstances, can be defined as a misdemeanor or a felony. These definitions rely on the amount of goods stolen and the frequency in which the cards in question were used.

Credit card fraud is categorized the following ways:

  • If the card was used to obtain goods valued at less than $100, it is a misdemeanor.
  • If the card was used less than two times in six months, it is a misdemeanor.
  • If the card was used to obtain goods valued at more at $100, it is a felony.
  • If the card was used more than twice in a six month period, it is a felony.

The penalties for these crimes vary. The most serious felonies for felony credit card fraud carries up to five years in prison, though even misdemeanor fraud can result in a year in jail with additional fines.

David Golden, P.C. is Ready to Defend You

As you can see, it doesn't take much for credit card fraud to be considered a felony in Florida, and even misdemeanor charges can have significantly negative effects on an individual's life. Avoid these severe consequences and ensure that your representation takes an experienced and aggressive stance in court on your behalf by reaching out to our firm.

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