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Martin County Drug Crime Attorney

Aggressive Drug Crime Lawyer in Stuart, FL

Unfortunately, drug crimes are an everyday occurrence in the state of Florida. When a person is accused of committing a drug crime offense involving illegal drugs, substances and/or narcotics they can face very tough state or federal penalties if convicted. Drug crime penalties in Florida can range anywhere from up to life imprisonment or the death penalty in some cases. If you are convicted of a drug related crime, you could face millions of dollars in fines, restitution, mandatory community service, drug counseling/education, probation, parole and a lifetime mark on a criminal record. At David Golden, P.A., we provide superior criminal defense for any degree of drug charges including:

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking
  • Transportation
  • Smuggling
  • Distribution
  • Importation
  • Possession
  • Possession with Intent to Sell
  • Prescription Fraud

There is certain protocol that law enforcement must always follow when conducting an investigation or an arrest. When an unlawful arrest or investigation takes place the drug charges that you may be up against can be dropped entirely. At David Golden, P.A., we are very familiar with drug laws including both the state and federal court systems. We will make every attempt to have the drug charges lowered that you or a loved one face or dismissed altogether.

Have you been arrested in Stuart?

Our law firm is dedicated to protecting your legal rights by providing outstanding legal experience, knowledge and skill. If you or a loved one is facing a drug charge in Martin County, Florida, please contact Martin County criminal attorney David Golden who can represent you in both misdemeanor and felony drug charges involving: methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, PCP, opium, ecstasy, LSD or prescription drugs or any other type of illegal substances.

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